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Don't drain your brainpower roaming the internet for good information. Considdr search engines put insight at your fingertips.

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What are Insights?

Evidence to Inform Strategy

Insights are evidence. The building blocks of research. The foundation of informed belief.

Whether you're creating content, writing a paper, or pitching new business, having novel insight can be the difference between triumph and defeat.


They're Collectible

Persuasive, successful, and innovative strategy depends on having access to the right data at the right time.

Unlike traditional search results, insights are results you can immediately save, organize, and consider without leaving the page.


Let us get the information you need in one place.

Designed Around Your Hypotheses

We take the time to understand your business problem so we can fill your search engine with insights that help inform or validate your hypotheses.

AI-powered Human Research

No our patented tech isn't magic, but it does help us help you get to insight much faster and cost-effectively. Learn more.

Stay on the Cutting Edge of your Industry

Our AI can quickly build custom search engines on a wide array of topics and alert you with new insights in your space.

Research is Iterative

Often, it's impossible to know which paths to go down until you do some research. Use our customized search engines to identify promising paths to pursue and we'll expand them as your thinking evolves.

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Our Story

Considdr originally came out of political polarization research at Bowdoin College, which argued that our beliefs are bad, not because they are too liberal or too conservative, but because they reflect emotion rather than evidence.

What started as a project to change how we form our own beliefs soon became a search technology that aims to redefine how we make sense of important information in the Internet Age.

Today, we build custom search engines for research projects. We source reliable, relevant, and retainable insights across journalistic, academic, and industry publications so that you can build better beliefs, not just in politics, but in any sphere.