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Generalized Search Doesn't Cut it.

Custom AI Search Engines Built For Your Projects in 24 Hours

Using our patented technology, we develop search engines that return relevant, reliable, and retainable insights rather than just links.

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Every inch of our search engine is designed to make your research exponentially more reliable and efficient.


Our patented machine learning search algorithm ensures the logical relevance of insights to your queries.


All insights are verified by at least two sources.


Save, compare, and analyze insights across diverse sources without leaving the page.

Belief Trees

Use our patented tool to contruct evidence-based beliefs, stay up to date, and improve them over time.

Custom Search Engines

Give us 24 hours and a little information about your project and we'll build a search engine specifically for you.

Powerful Filters

To find those golden nuggets, scope your search using date, include/exclude, academic/journalistic filters and more.

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About Us

Our Story

Considdr originally came out of political polarization research at Bowdoin College, which argued that our beliefs are bad, not because they are too liberal or too conservative, but because they reflect emotion rather than evidence.

What started as a project to change how we form our own beliefs soon became a search technology that aims to redefine how we make sense of important information in the Internet Age.

Today, we build custom search engines for research projects. We source reliable, relevant, and retainable insights across journalistic, academic, and industry publications so that you can build better beliefs, not just in politics, but in any sphere.