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Follow and engage with Stories

Learn about the issues or topics of your interest from many sources over time. Develop a well-rounded perspective in only minutes with access to crowdsourced Notes, and dig deeper by engaging in discussion with Story curators.

Take Notes and keep track of your reading

Take Notes on Considdr using quotes from published sources, and then save and organize those Notes to send to friends, to support your opinions, or to refer to later.

Engage in discussion - more productively

Support your opinions with sourced material and share with friends! Our patent-pending suggestion algorithm continually suggests new relevant information to consider so you stay up-to date.

Our Mission

To equip individuals with the tools to critically consider the world’s information and to organize and store that information in a more productive way.

The volume of information at our fingertips has exploded more quickly in this decade than in any time in human history, but the capacity of the human mind to process it all remains fixed. Social media attempts to organize this material by personalizing what we see. However, its restrictive filters distort how we engage with information and how we engage with each other.

By making it possible to search for, synthesize, and store ideas across diverse sources and mediums of information, Considdr aims to help us be deliberative and to cooperate toward common ends—to value facts, not as weapons to win an argument, but as building blocks in pursuit of a joint truth. As the world’s first social reasoning platform, Considdr privileges evidence over emotion, reason over rationalization, and complexity over certainty.

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