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About Considdr

Considdr is a new form of social media that provides users a more productive space to organize and share information. We call it a social reasoning platform; unlike other social networks, it encourages users to build their opinions based on substantive material. Considdr accomplishes this by restructuring today’s overwhelming mass of information into uniform and consumable “Notes”—short summaries of quotes from sources. By crowdsourcing these Notes, Considdr provides users with diverse arguments to consider in the process of developing well-substantiated “Opinions”. These Opinions are like visual representations of each user's reasoning process; because they display the Notes that contributed to the user’s reasoning, they can be challenged productively and updated with new information.

Those who take the best Notes and build the best Opinions demonstrate expertise in their fields of interest, saving topic-specific Notes and Opinions in containers called “Stories,” which other users can follow. Stories enable you to track the development of a news event over time; or to learn/keep up to date on a specific subject -- all across multiple published sources!

As the amount of Notes, Opinions, and Stories grows, Considdr—powered by a patent-pending technique called "Logical Aggregation” will become a revolutionary search and suggestion engine that is able to provide a diverse array of sourced answers to users’ questions based on their logical rather than keyword similarity.

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Company Background

The idea for Considdr was initially formulated by Noah Finberg in 2014 and inspired his honors thesis at Bowdoin College in 2016. His thesis, Fact vs. Faction: Polarization in the Information Age, was awarded "highest honors" and the Philo Sherman Bennett Prize. It explores the intersection of political polarization, political psychology, and social media, arguing that our limited ability to process a growing amount of information has led us to be emotionally motivated reasoners. The powerful relationship between social media and polarization would enter the national consciousness just a few months later with the presidential election.

By November 2016, Noah had built the first prototype for Considdr and, in the Spring of 2017, he recruited a team to help him improve upon this initial prototype.

Our Mission

To equip individuals with the tools to critically consider the world’s information and to organize and store that information in a more productive way.

The volume of information at our fingertips has exploded more quickly in this decade than in any time in human history, but the capacity of the human mind to process it all remains fixed. Social media attempts to organize this material by personalizing what we see. However, its restrictive filters distort how we engage with information and how we engage with each other.

By making it possible to search for, synthesize, and store ideas across diverse sources and mediums of information, Considdr aims to help us be deliberative and to cooperate toward common ends—to value facts, not as weapons to win an argument, but as building blocks in pursuit of a joint truth. As the world’s first social reasoning platform, Considdr privileges evidence over emotion, reason over rationalization, and complexity over certainty.

As a Member of the Considdr Community...

1. I acknowledge that my opinions, and the media that inform them, are imperfect and often biased reflections of a limited worldview.
2. I sincerely desire to learn from others to strengthen the quality of my opinions—not by seeking reaffirmation—but by genuinely considering diverse perspectives that may challenge me or make me uncomfortable.
3. I will approach all arguments with civility and respect, with an eye to their substance and comprehensiveness, not their author’s identity.
4. I will not support the spread of information I know to be misleading or untrue.
5. I respect the serious and intentional nature of the platform and will save idle commentary for elsewhere.
6. I vow that my valuation of ideas on the site will be motivated by the strength of those ideas and not by personal or professional advancement.

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